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Power per pole

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2.7 mph

Low startup speed

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m / 23 ft

Power light size

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Light Up The City.

A renewable hybrid streetlight designed to light up highways, roads, parks, and other high traffic public areas.


LightPole Specs

Models 60W LED | 90W LED


300W - 0.3 kWh

360W - 0.36 kWh


LED Power

60W LED 



LED Color Temperature (CCT)

5500 to 6500K


LED Lifespan 

50,000 hours (137 years)


Solar Power

60W: 2 x 100W (200W)

90W: 2 x 130W (260W) 


Turbine Power

100W up to 150W (max power)


Turbine Startup Speed

1.2 m/s - 2.7 mph


Turbine Operating Speed

10 m/s (22.4 mph)


Turbine Security Wind Speed

45 m/s (100.7 mph)



For tracking and remote control.



260AH (Nonflammable gel battery.)


Battery Box Dimensions

60 x 25 x 25 (cm)

23.62 x 9.84 x 9.84 (inches)

(The battery box can be placed underground.)


Operating Temperature 

-40ºC to +65ºC

-40ºF +149ºF


Pole Height

7m - 23ft

12m - 39ft



129kg - 285lb to 169kg - 373lb


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*CBF is a material known for its incredible strength, flexibility, lightweight and long life span of 100 to 1000 years, The wind turbine blades are made of CBF and build to withstand extreme weather conditions. Fun fact: CBF is used by NASA for space missions. *Product warranty: 3 years.*The wind turbines are designed to have a long lifetime with low maintenance and service cost.

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