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Why Choose GSP?

We always focus on the design and value of all the products we develop to ensure consistent energy production without compromising the quality and functionality of the power farm.


Our products will bring stability to the power grid and distribute energy more efficiently by utilizing the latest technologies and solutions in the best possible way.



Your Property: Put your property to good use and become a renewable energy farmer. If you own a piece of land over 10 acres, then you can potentially become a partner in a power farm project without having to invest a single dollar. 


Your commitment: With your compliance, we will utilize your land to develop a renewable power farm and manage the complete project. You have the potential to generate a significant income with limited responsibilities attached. Benefit from your property like never before with a piece of mind.


Project Management: No one knows our products better than our engineers; that's why GSP is committed to designing, installing, and servicing the power farm to ensure consistent energy production all year round.


Asset Management: We understand that our job is to optimize returns on your investment. Our partnership with Green World Renewables will guarantee expertise in asset management to successfully reaching the goals set for the project.

How does it work?


A microgrid can disconnect from the main power grid to operate independently and reinforce overall grid resilience.

Scalable Design

The system can be scaled to space, power, and energy requirements of any site, from small commercial businesses to regional utilities.

Emergency Backup

Provide backup power to the main power grid in the event of a grid interruption from the power plant. 

Energy Storage

Fully automated energy storage system with everything needed to connect to a building or utility network.

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Power Farm Structure

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